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9Apps is a well-known Android store filled with plenty of apps and games in it which is absolutely free of cost without incurring a single penny to any of them. Not only that, mainly due to its extensive progress in the development of various apps and games, the app has attained greater priority to a huge extent and is extremely being utilized by around 97 million of users worldwide and nevertheless has acquired awesome popularity in countries like India and Indonesia. Furthermore, 9App version of 10, 1.2, 1.1, 8.2, 2.3.6 was mainly fabricated with the target of providing Android applications to the users without any cost. On the other hand, 9Apps of 10, 1.2, 1.1, 8.2, 2.3.6 versions are fully accessible on all Android devices exclusively for free. Above all, this apps is completely free and secure to download as it is totally free of malicious and viruses present in it. Every bit of this application is fully tested before making it go live on this Android application device. Moving further, the app is very young when compared to other competitor mainly Google Play Store, and it still it has gained a huge popularity and a lot of admiration among various Android community. Above all, when getting into the installation procedure of this app on your device, you need not worry of its size, as the size of this app is of just 4 MB size and is the smallest app which is quite reliable and comfortable in utilizing and downloading without any obstacles in it. Not to forget, even the user interface of 9 Apps is beautifully designed and is very simple in using. Thus, most of the latest versions such as 10, 1.2, 1.1, 8.2, 2.3.6 of this 9 Apps is very much relevant and gentle even when you are facing the internet problems in it.  Overall, let us have a brief outlook on some of the major advantages of 9 Apps listed below.


  1. 9 Apps store is neatly made the best use in countries like India and Indonesia. 
  2. This apps is very much applicable on almost all smartphones and tablets with the supporting version of the devices acquiring 4.0 and above.
  3. 9 Apps is one of the most smallest and gentle app occupying very little space on your device
  4. This app store acquires a huge load of apps and games with the coverage of 2,00,000 apps and games in it.


Generally speaking, 9 Apps 10, 1.2, 1.1, 8.2, 2.3.6 offers every bit of apps and games at a very high speed. So to attain the access of all of the above benefits simply get into the app store of 9Apps and capture the instant download without any restrictions in it and enjoy the best of it to the full extent without any worries.

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