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Android Jelly Bean is the 10th version of the Android mobile operating system. The focus is mainly on the performance and improves design which gives us smoother and responsive feelings, improving the notification system and allowing the expandable and internal changes optimizing multi-user support for Tablets and improving and updating Android platform. The Android devices accessing the Jellybean app from the Google Play Store with the latest version of Android has expandable memory, delightful improvement, user interface platform, optimizing and operating visual performances and responsiveness preventing the input processor and operating system. Jelly Bean versions are no longer supported by the Google Play.

App Title : Android Jelly Bean
Type : Operating system
Developer: Google
Initial release : 2012
Latest release: 4.3.1
Upgraded version: Android 4.4 KitKat
Preceded by: Ice Cream Sandwich
Developer: Google
Download : 9apps
Free version : Android Jelly Bean 2018, Android Jelly Bean 2019, Android Jelly Bean 2020

Jelly Bean focuses primarily on the performances and improvement of Android platform; it includes performances of Optimization with many new and great features for users and Developers. Jelly Bean is fastest smoother and more responsive visualizing for graphic performances and boosting optimizing the stream of transforming format and rearranging the operations for processing and performing a certain task. It also includes in rendering shapes and test high quality in a more efficient manner, increasing performances faster test your management. Android 4.3 platforms support providing games apps with the highest performances of 3D graphics and also 2D it has the advantages of Extension and bindings of Android native development.

The key functionality of Android 4.3 accelerate the visual effects of high quality compressed in standard features advanced texture rendering a standardized format which are created by highly complex and efficient graphics  compatible with Android devices. The Jelly Bean also supports standard texture compression of format, this platform also supports the devices with characteristics of receiving notification and other changes implementing functions transmitting and receiving data enabling the support interactions with the devices for the game controller, remote controller, health device and many more.

Jelly Bean also supports the multi-user features for a manager’s users with the capability of profile tablets for each user, and the ability to manage the restriction for the profile which is ideal for friends and family, the restricted profile are safe and Secure with the local storage  and settings. The owner can have full control app enabling having a new profile and access to the accounts. You can manage the app from the configuration settings. There are also optimizing location and capability of supporting device with the hardware and software for minimizing the battery. The efficiency of performing location computing the hardware devices and optimizing the Wi-Fi connecting improve location accuracy considering the battery. Download this app from 9APPS which is fast and secure.

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