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An app is a simple app lock which allows you to the fingerprint scanner to lock all the apps featuring the snaps of person who tries to lock the app. the App Lock seem to be perhaps the most security app; you can lock up the other apps for the time being. This app is useful for Android users it is good which provide very little real security for things when it is stolen; this app is one of the best apps on Android which looks much pretty on your phone boosting the ability to lock with your photo and the videos also. It has invisible pattern which has returned keywords and the ability to replace the icon and take pictures of the people who don’t use password,it is completely free to download and use it in a simple app lock that allows you to also use your fingerprint scanner and include features of taking snaps of the person to unlock the phone.

This lock system is used in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all the incoming call facility. This app is free to download, it protects your privacy you can use a pin number or a pattern or fingerprint to unlock your apps, it can be safe proactively to protect your apps that you have downloaded and it is said to be simple App Lock on Android you have to pick up the proversion to get all the features from the phone, start AppLock is another descent application which allows the photos including settings and phone app to keep those safe and secure. Providing auto start reboot, fingerprint scanner and uninstall program this app also has features for taking your pin and fingerprint, and also a decent launcher in this app lock. Keeping the device safe.

The soft App Lock is decent option for having password pattern and finger print for unlocking, the pattern unlock has a traditional way of error message instead of locking the phone you can use certain app it also supports many other languages, you are able to lock and unlock your device it is one of the best of AP used by many users.

Category:Free APP store

Requirements:Android 4.0+

Version: (2018032815) for Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)

Update on: 2018


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