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APUS Launcher 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 is one of the brilliant and light-weight Android Launcher which is aimed at providing you a cleaner design to the users complete extent. APUS Launcher obtains the access of boosting thousands of HD themes, wallpapers and various other UI items as well. Through the accumulation of this app you can utilize the wallpapers and several other personalizing products provided by APUS Launcher. Not only that, this app also offers your device a near and instinctive outlook to your eyes and you will simply love to see it again and again. Additionally, in order to adjust the beauty of your device’s default screen you can utilize their ‘APUS Discovery attribute mainly to check out more of apps and games various other developers present all over the world. On the Contrary, the launcher is held in account as one of the tiniest launchers fully accessible for all Android devices without any obligations in it. Moreover, due to its dense size, the app gobbles lesser storage space, RAM and various other resources opted in it. Even though it generates the modification of your Android device’s screen in an HD sequence, and in any other ways it never lets your device slow down at any cost. Moreover, APUS Launcher is fully equipped for all mobile as well tablet screens not bothering whether it is an Android powered mobile phone or a tablet with a larger screen in it, as this launcher app is fully effective for screens of all sizes too. Furthermore, this app grants the surety of expanding the battery life span of your device up to 25% so that you can obtain more of talk time and playback with your device onward.


  1. APUS Boost: The app cleans and boosts the RAM with just a single tap so that you can switch between games, apps and messages much faster than ever
  2. Mobile Search: Find the web, fun apps/games, and find apps in your phone or tablet
  3. APUS Explorer: Discover trending apps nearby in real-time
  4. Linked Wallpaper: Share and Connect with the world
  5. Themes Download various themes for free quite often updated in the gallery
  6. App Drawer: Hunt for all apps listed in one folder
  7. APUS Toolkit: This toolbox if packed with an assortment of useful widgets such as booster, flashlight, calculator, notepad and more


Ultimately, APUS Launcher 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 is currently available in various other languages as well and is fully accessible on all Android devices without any issues in it. Therefore grab the instant download of this app from the app store of 9Apps on your device and attain all its extreme benefits to the full extent.

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