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Bharat Interface For Money (BHIM) is a fast, reliable and one of the most trustworthy cashless payment Android app which is available in the Android mobile phone in the 9Apps Store. With the help of this amazing and stupendous app, the registered users can perform several tasks like send and receive payment directly from their bank accounts for quick money transfers online without any hassle. As this app is developed by National payments Corporation of India i.e.. Npci, the users can easily rely on it and it is exclusively made for Indian users which is dedicated to the service of the nation and order to use this app, the smartphone users are only required to register their bank account with this app and setup are UPI pin for the bank account.

Now, have a look on the points mentioned below in order to get a better understanding of the main features or highlights of this amazing BHIM app-

  1. With the help of this app, the users can send and receive money online to their friends, family and customers with great ease. Register users are even allowed to make the payment to an unregistered as well by using their mobile number.
  2. Bank balance and transaction details can also be checked directly within this app anytime and anywhere on the go.
  3. Scanning of QR codes without logging into the app can also be done by the registered users so the merchant can easily print their QR code for display.
  4. In addition with your contact number, the users also have to create a custom digital payment address to make and recieve the payment.
  5. The users can also make seamless transactions by using their Aadhar card.
    So, if you really like this app and wants to install it in your mobile phone then do not waste your time in thinking and

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