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Boost App is an e-wallet mobile app which focuses to transfigure the way the customers would prefer to negotiate in today’s progressing digital and mobile world. Accordingly, on accumulating the lifestyle needs with cutting edge digital technology, Boost apps inquires in making daily transactions in a much easier, quicker and more secured way, and it makes comprehensively the most propounding experience by rewarding the customers to their utmost satisfaction without any worries. On the contrary, Boost users will enjoy a smooth and continuous payment experience with persons that are on Boost in both physical and online merchants without cash or cards opted in it. Furthermore, this app is also declining the process of sending and requesting money-making it as comfortable as sending messages. Furthermore, for prepaid users, top up your mobile prepaid on-the-go Boost and enjoy cashback after every top up. With the extent of this app you can also obtain a top up recharge mobile credit for others too. Not only that, check out the Digital Shop wherein vouchers from your most favourable brands are discounted at up to 50% off like The Chicken Rice Shop, Fashion Valet, Tealive, MyBurgertab and so on. Moreover, you can also very easily send these vouchers as gifts to your loved ones exclusively for free with the inclusion of non-Boots users too. Above all, let us learn more about the coolest features in Boost App given below and also grab the instant download from the app store of 9 Apps directly on to our device without any issues in it and enjoy the best of this app to the full extent.


  1. Add Money: In the Boost Wallet, you will need to add money and then use it
  2. Scan and Pay: With the scan and pay access in the Boost app makes your shopping experience a much better and a cooler one to a greater extent.
  3. Transfer money via Boost: Sending money to your loved ones has never been this easy as before
  4. Request Money and splitting Bills: You can also very well appeal for money and split your bills competently with others too.
  5. Purchase Vouchers: By attaining the vouchers at your fingertips makes the Boost your perfect shopping friend.
  6. Send Gifts: e-Gifting is the new way to express your love to someone through the extent of this app
  7. Top up Prepaid and get cashback: Last but not the least, you can top up your mobile prepaid with Boost app without any issues in it


In the final conclusion, Boost App is quite an astounding apps and is quite easy to be downloaded from the app store of 9Apps rightly on your Android device and acquire all of its inspiring benefits to the full extent without any limitations in it.

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