Comparison Between 9Apps And Google Play Store

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Today, Android phones that come with the inbuilt play store Like Google that let people download apps totally at no cost. Plus, it is one of the apps that most Android users depend on to receive any kind of Android software products for their device. In addition to this application store, there are also a few numbers of other stores are exist in the market which the android user must try. 9apps is one of such kind. In fact, for now, it has to make a role in delivering the virus-free software products for Android users.

9Apps Vs Google Play store

  1. Number of Software products

User can’t find every single software product on the Google play store because of some strict policies and rules. But when it comes to 9apps, user almost can find any sort of apps and can install it on an android device

  1. No data tracking

When people use Google play store, everything you do with your Android device will be tracked by the servers. But contrary to that, 9apps does not care about anything that user using on their mobile device.

  1. Free to use

As long as the user wants the app for free, they can make use of the 9apps. This way, you can get even premium apps for utmost at no cost.

  1. Modification of apps available

If the user is using windows or iOS device, it is not easy to modify any apps. But in the case of Android, 9apps offers a wide range of options due to its advanced features and high performance.

  1. Less memory occupancy

It is known that Google play store acquires a lot of memory space on the user device. But instead if the user uses 9apps, it is only 6mb in size, and so it requires less memory space to locate.

  1. Website and apps are available

In order to use the 9apps, the user can either use the apps or can use the website which is more convenient for them. Given that, a user can download any apps from the 9apps.

In addition, there are more additional features that you will wonder when you look at it. So make sure that you have Download Apps without login id “Comparison 9apps and Play store”. Make use of the benefits that you can get from the 9apps excellent features. In order to get more knowledge about these apps, kindly look at the respected websites. Then you would like to know the clear difference between the apps.

In fact, it is known that nothing will beat the product that is exists in 9apps and Google play store. By means of this, you can even download the premium apps for free. Still any queries regarding the excellent features of this app. don’t worry, visit the authorized website and kindly look at the info provided at the website. To clear your doubts, comment your queries in the comment box given below in the official website. Experts will help you in solving your queries.

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