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9Apps is currently the best-rated and most downloaded app for iTunes and other App stores. The reason is that this app enables user to download the best android apps in the fastest manner. It is very easy for user to get a list of top apps and top games as user doesn’t have to scroll and manually search for apps that are top rated or most downloaded. That’s not just any recommendation – it’s a professional recommendation. Another important advantage of this app is that you get to download unlimited and high-quality multi-media content like wallpapers, ringtones, videos, stickers, music and much more. The download speed for all these as well as the app itself is quite high and there is no block, ads or any hassles in the entire process.

More about the app

The app, originally owned and distributed by Alibaba group was developed in 1999 and has now grown to be one of the most reliable and leading mobile commercial company throughout the world. Checkout the official website,, which has ample support documentation and information for you to download all the premium app APK of Android. The app works amazingly with a strong and flawless algorithm for recommendations.


9Apps package detail

App Name 9Apps
File size 2.7MB
Downloads 10,00,00,000

9apps is giving a healthy competition to android play store because of the speed and accuracy along with free in-app purchases and other attractive features. Most of the apps available on google play store are readily available on 9Apps too with additional advantages and recommendations. Some apps that are otherwise paid are also available free of cost with 9Apps.

Features and advantages

Upon downloading the app, you can enjoy a host of features including relevant filters so that you can choose the category of apps you would like to see and download. For example, if you wish to search ringtones, you can set the category and you will get the accurate results within fraction of seconds. The app has been praised widely for the quick response time and gained a lot of popularity in India for the same reason.

The app is available in 14 languages including English. It was mainly developed for android, but is also available for iTunes and supports both the operating systems. For Apple users, there is no direct download options, so you will have to do so from the official website (which has all the steps listed for a trouble-free download). The app is safe and secure, and the apps present in this huge app store are also safe to download and absolutely free of cost.

Here are the key features of the app for your easy reference –

·         User-friendly interface

·         Search and filter options are great, and provide quick and accurate results

·         Consumes only about 3-4mb of your mobile space.

·         Gives you free access to otherwise paid apps (this is for real!) with full features

·         Most of the android apps that are present in google play store are available

·         Available in 14 languages including English so you can search for apps in your own comfortable language

 What’s new?

A new feature of this app is that when you search for a product, it lists and compares the price of the same product with different e-commerce websites, for you to compare and get the best deal.

With features plenty, do you need more from this lightweight and user-friendly app!

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