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Developed by: Facebook
current update : 2018
Android version:
Windows V: 139.0
IOS code: 173.0
Initial release: 2011
Programming languages: JavaScript, PHP, Erlang, C++
Download path : 9apps
Download links : 9apps.online

Face book messenger is a mobile app where you can send messages instantly, it also provides voice and text communication. This app in collaboration with the Face book is based on featuring of user friendly devices. Used by millions of active users for having amazing facts which are operated with the Android devices like the Black Berry, the app also has video calling features where you can talk with your friends and your family face to face. Very quick and easy app for staying connected with your contacts on the Face book, this app has many features offering the users and one of the best supporting enabling  the account of the Face book users, finding secure messaging Apps and letting the users connect with each other very easily. It has a feature of voice calling where the users not only connect with each other but also can text messages and have a voice call outside the geographical boundaries connecting to other countries very easily through the internet. The main problem for communication outside the country is sometimes the internet but with this amazing feature you can have good communication with  friends and families and also available is the group calling.

It is also available for users to be in touch with each other by having a free voice call. Give the users for communicating, it has a biggest and the good advantage having a secret conversation for any business chat or any personal chat so that you can hide the chat level on the conversation, and visible to a person only. The app store can be downloaded from the Play Store having megabytes which can be installed in your phone and downloaded with the APK downloading link.

This app is faster and easier to keep relationship with your friends and your family. Sharing engaging pictures with friends and also staying connected with people on your social network, you can update your status with the Face book emojis and share photos. You can also get notification and comments on your Face book Messenger. This app has become one of the easy social networking sites which can be downloaded from the 9app.

Download FB apps from 9apps

The 9app is a useful and user-friendly app through which downloading any site has become very easy and one of the easy process.

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