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Facebook lite is the latest version of the facebook app which is built from scratch to work efficiently with poor data. It can also be used in low budget phones.  This facebook lite is an attempt to make facebook the most used app in the entire world.

Some Features present Facebook lite

This app is far better than the older facebook version as it can be installed quickly.

 Facebook lite takes a small space in your mobile, only 286KB of your mobile storage is used to download this application.

This app is made so that everyone can use it, so this app works fine on remote areas where the internet connectivity speed is 2G.

Loading of photos and videos can be easily done in facebooklite1. app. It takes very short time to load.

Facebook lite1. is basically designed so that anyone can access facebook from anywhere.

You can easily share photos videos with your friends in just some seconds.

There is a great feature in facebook lite1. app that it doesn’t preload any photo. It shows the slow resolution version of photos on your timeline, while scrolling if you tap the photo it will download its high resolution version.

There are bigger text buttons which helps those with low resolution phones.

Some disadvantages of Facebook lite1. app:

There are no heavy graphics or animations visible on the app, so the app looks little dull.

Facebooklite1. doesn’t support auto reload or auto refreshed facility, so in comparison with the old facebook version the app is little slow.

How To Download Facebook lite1. app:

You can directly download facebook lite1. app from 9apps store.

Just have to visit the store and search for the app. After finding it click download.

Next it will start downloading. Once facebooklite1. app is downloaded you can open and use it.

Comparison between the old facebook version and the new facebook lite1. app:

While comparing the both we have to keep in mind that the new version is basically made so that anyone and from anywhere can use it, so facebooklite1. app can run with worst internet connectivity, for facebook one cannot open facebook in low connection.

Facebook lite1. saves a lot of memory storage, so it can easily be downloaded in phones containing 1gb ROM.  On contrary facebook uses a large amount of memory space.

Facebook lite can work as efficiently as facebook, so it is becoming quite popular among users.

So in comparison with the older version the new facebook lite1. is proved to be better for all users.

Facebook lite1. is attracting huge users; in remote areas people were not able to use facebook due to low internet connectivity. After the release of facebook lite version they can use it quite easily. Earlier because of consuming excessive space users sometimes had to delete the app but now facebook lite takes very little space so users can use it as they like. Low budget phones got the maximum favor after this app is launched as they can now easily access facebook lite1. and connect with the whole world.

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