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Facebook liteFacebook lite is the tiny version of a popular and one of the widely used social networking platform Facebook which is today trusted by millions of people from all over the world. This Mini version of Facebook is exclusively designed and developed for those android smartphone users who have less storage space in their device and unable to download the original Facebook app in their mobile phones. The best part of this app is that it comes in a very tiny size which let the user to install it in a blink of an eye and is available in the 9apps store from where you can download it anytime and anywhere on the move in order to stay connected with your near and dear ones who are living far away from you and that’s too, without paying anything as it only consumes your data pack and nothing else.

Now put a glance on the points mentioned below in order to understand the main features of Facebook lite which let the users install it and make it one of the best and most reliable social networking app worldwide-

  1. The registered users of this app are allowed to post their status updates and let their friends know what they are up to and what’s going on in their lives.
  2. It is a great platform to connect with your friends and family and share your precious or special moments with them.
  3. You will get timely notifications whenever you log into this app and any of your friend like and comment on your post.
  4. The users are allowed to send and receive end number of text messages, images, videos, audios and more with each other.
  5. In order to meet up with your friends and to be a part of a get together, find local social events, RSVP etc and make plans for the rest.
  6. You are allowed to save any of the photo which is liked by you in your photo album so it can be saved in your app for a longer period of time.
  7. The users of this app are provided with a facility to follow their favourite celebrities and people in order to get the latest news and happenings in their lives.
  8. With the help of this app, you can not only stay connected with your near and dear ones but also use this app in a very beneficial way and interacting with more and more people.
  9. One of the best part of this app is that the users are not even required to pay a single penny as it is completely free of cost to download as well as to use. However, it takes up your internet charge and consumes the megabytes.
  10. Due to its tiny size, it can be installed in a blink of an eye and also consumes very little space in your device concerned.

Download Facebook lite APK-

If you like this mini version of Facebook and wants to install in your android mobile phone then just click on the header and footer options of this site and get it installed directly through APK and stay tuned with latest happening in the lives of people like your friends, colleagues, family and many others..

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