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File Manager APK as the name itself entails obtains a wider variety of high-tech capabilities involved in them. File Manager also permits you to view and edit the files held out in your phone’s storage. Additionally, this app also very well manages your files such as you do on your desktop or laptop by utilizing Multiple Select, Cut/Copy/Paste, Move, Create, Delete, rename, Search, Share, Send, Hide, Create Shortcut and Bookmark and many others. On the contrary, File Manager also aids you in managing all your files quite effectively with an intuitive interface, it also allows you to control any type of file or folder whether they are stored in your device, microSD card or cloud storage accounts and so on. Thus with the access of this File Manager you can even compress and otherwise organize all of your files on any of your storage to the full extent. Moreover, the File Manager attains the capability of streaming movies and images from cloud storage without downloading them rightly to your phone is one of them. The major fact is that it functions continuously with cloud storage Is another. As a file manager, it always does its job, and there are several other reasons to give it a try. Furthermore, the file manager also assists you to compress and decompress zipped archives and transfer files to and from a desktop over WiFi present it. Not only that, the app is very feature-rich apart from just captivating the fundamentals incurred in them. Nevertheless, this app is fully accessible on all Android devices without any issues in it and can be easily downloaded from the app store of 9Apps to the full extent.


  1. Various options of Cloud Storage: This app very well assists with multiple Cloud storage accounts like Dropbox and Google Drive all sprinkled under a single app.
  2. By compressing files all space on the disk is well saved: Squeezing of files saves extreme space on your storage and extracts all compressed files like Zip, RAR, Tar, gz, and various formats included in it
  3. Applications Manager: Manage and assume the back up of your installed Android apps and games and attain the access of sharing them with your friends.
  4. Your smart file explorer: Search, open, rename. Move, delete or share files which are stored in your device’s internal storage, microSD, and so on
  5. Multi Language: File Manager supports of about 29 languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and many others.


In the final event, File Manager APK is a simple application which gives you full access to your phone’s memory without any struggle in it. Therefore to attain more access of this File Manager on your device, then go in rightly to the app store of 9Apps and obtain all of its extreme benefits to the complete extent.

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