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Fruit Ninja game is specially designed for all mobile phone and in this game you have to manifest your skills in cutting fruit. Abundant tropical fruit glide will air one moment after the other. And you need to select and untwine them, make jazz and attain more points.  The epoch of the meek video game is fully available to all users on all Android game devices to the full extent without any obstacles in it. Accordingly, there are entirely a few games which have more or less the same purposes similar to Fruit Ninja Apk which currently has attained its place in the legions of fans and followers who regularly follow the gaming scenario. Moreover, this new video game Fruit Ninja has been elaborated and merchandised from the experts of Australia. Above all, this game was previously released for the iPod Touch as well as the iPhone devices. On the other hand, Fruit Ninja is a dangerous addictive game in which the piece is simply to break up as much fruit as you can. Basically, the only necessary thing that you need to do in Fruit Ninja is to strike your finger across the screen to wield your sword. The Player needs to slice every piece of fruit that is thrown up from the bottom of the screen. Thus if you miss a fruit before it falls back off the screen, then you will lose a life. Similarly, if you touch one of the villain bombs that come flying up, you will again lose a life too. The glance and sense of Fruit Ninja is magnificent. Above all, this Fruit Ninja game can be easily installed from the app store of 9 Apps on all Android devices and furthermore this wonderful game app is also sprinkled with some amazing features in it, just have a look at them below.


Fruit Ninja is optimized with three different game modes, such as

  1. Classic Mode: This mode permits you to play for an unlimited amount of time, by dropping three fruit results in the end of the game.
  2. Zen Mode: The Zen Mode sanctions you to play for 90 seconds with no bombs in it.
  3. Arcade Mode: This mode attains only 60 second time limit and also adds in power-ups like double points, frenzy, and freeze.


Lastly, Fruit Ninja is one of those must-to-have games which lends itself naturally to a touch-screen platform such as Windows Phone 7. Above all, it is one of the most favorite games of adults and kids also recommended as one of the supreme games around the market place. And thus if you want to grab the instant installation of this app on your device, then rightly move into the app store of 9apps and get the immediate download without any delay to the full extent and enjoy the best of the game without any limits in it.

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