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imo old version downloadIMO is a free based outstanding app specially utilized for sending messages and video chat to all your friends and family without any hurdles even not bothering on what kind of a device you are utilizing on. This IMO is also a PC-free based software which permits every user to be involved in all types of video calls when sending and receiving text messages to the full extent without any issues. The IMO app also holds in end-to-end encrypted with higher quality of video and voice calls on Android and iPhone devices in it. Regardless, Imo app grants a complete access to Free and unlimited messages and video and voice calls covering a huge network to all those areas of devices of 2G, 3G, 4G or even Wi-Fi in it. Nonetheless, every user can assume a group video call with friends, family and others even without any objection in it. Apart for that, Imo can be fully used for quicker photos and video sharing modes too. On the other hand, IMO consists of a huge number of free stickers in it in order to express and share your feelings through this stickers with your friends and family very often. Conversely, user can also gain the access of avoiding plenty of SMS and phone call charges incurred. Above all, on using IMO app data charges may be applied during certain period. Thus, to be in touch with your friends and family simply get into the app store of 9 Apps and capture the instant download without any hassles. Moreover, as an illustration, let us have a general outlook on the below mentioned features to attain all the necessary benefits.


  1. IMO does not involve any kind of limits to the calls made during this service
  2. Another major advantage of IMO for PC is it is quite easy to utilize to function with.
  3. The app very well works on all 2G, 3G and 4G along with various other standard WI-Fi connections
  4. The app also obtains a greater degree of flexibility with powerful bandwidth in it


To summarize, ultimately IMO for PC utilizes a very multiplex system of firewalls and encryption algorithms. And hence, this app is quite a remarkable secure system which can be very well operated by businesses and individuals uniformly. Overall, it is also very much possible to select from hundreds of various stickers to give an outstanding look to any photos which will be sent to family and friends.

Therefore to grab the download old version 2014, 2105, 2016, 2017 and 2018 of this app, gently creep into the app store of 9Apps and obtain the immediate download without any worries to the full extent in order to share your vast experience of IMO to your friends and family.

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