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Download jio TV app to enjoy watching your favourite TV series and live streaming of your favourite shows across more than 500 TV channels and catch up many other different shows in order to keep you entertained by watching the most popular and your favourite movies, music, sports, devotional, entertainment, news, educational and more. Basically, this app is exclusively designed and developed for those smartphone users so the users can watch live TV and on-demand shows on any device at any time as per their choice whenever they have time. Apart from this, there are many other things available in this app that you can avail after downloading it in your concerned device from 9Apps Store for free.

Features or main characteristics of jio TV app-

  1. The registered users of jio TV app can enjoy the best of entertainment and multimedia content that they like the most across different languages apart from Hindi and English including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Odia, Bengali, Gujarati, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Assamese, Urdu and more.
  2. Sport lovers can also enjoy watching their favourite sports show or match including live shows such as FIFA World Cup, Intercontinental Cup, Hockey World Cup, cricket match etc.
  3. You can watch your favourite show from your favourite channel with the seven day catch up so you never miss any program and watch it anytime and anywhere on the move without any hassle.
  4. In this app, you can also find an option in which you can pause and play the TV channels and shows including live programs at your convenience and then start the same from the point you left off.
  5. Reminder option is also available in the app with the help of which, the users can even set a reminder in order to plan their online TV viewing as per their schedule and then watch their favourite TVshows on Jio TV app with great ease and comfort.
  6. The users are even provided with the option in which they can record their favourite shows and then watch them later on whenever they have time even in the offline mode i.e.. with out connecting to the internet or without having internet connection.
  7. The smartphone users can browse the content of their choice by selecting their preferred category of TV shows or other multimedia content as there are different categories available in the app and you can choose any one or more than one category as per your choice and after that, you will get the content and notification of the same.
  8. In this app, the users can watch their favourite shows in High Definition and standard definition depending on the Internet speed and compatibility of their concerned device which they are using.
  9. There is an option in which the users can easily, instantly and fastly rewind as well as forward for 30 seconds on the player which is auto equipped in the app so as to make the tasks of the user much more simpler and convenient.
  10. The users can search and share their favourite program or any particular TV show or match with their contacts including friends, family and others so that they can also enjoy watching the same in their respective device.

So, if after reading these above mentioned highlights and features of jio TV app, you want to download this full fledged and amazing app in your mobile phone then just do it now without wasting your time and to do so, all you have to do is just tap on the APK option available here and then it will be automatically installed in your device from download 9Apps absolutely free of charge.

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