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What is kinemaster?

Kinemaster is a video editing app of professional quality and has revolutionized the way editing is done – on the go! Its easy to use and everyone can benefit from the app. The app has been specially designed for android and is loaded with features. With plenty of promising features, the app is a must-have for everyone – because everyone likes to make great videos to create long-lasting memories and to tell the world about what they do!

How can Kinemaster help you?

Similar to many other apps, kinemaster has become quite popular in India and has found its place amongst most downloaded apps in the app store. Though developed for professionals, the app is so easy to use that anyone can become a pro by using this app and its features.

With this feature-rich app you can edit your videos and bring them to life by adding more layers to the video like images and text, cutting and trimming at desired places – this also includes adjusting the audio as per the video sub-frame. Not only that, you can add many audio clips per track,

There are many controls and the level of customization is unbeatable. Many mobile journalists, short film producers and editors, YouTube creators and experts from various industries use this app to create promotional and informative videos about their services, events, and products. Even a novice can use this app to create beautiful memories of a trip or an event through this app.

The features

Some of the most prominent features of this app are listed below –

  • Supports up to two video layers and unlimited layers of text, images, stickers, and handwritings to get the best results. You can control the position of the layer to the exact point and can also use animation on the layers using the existing effects or the keyframe animation.
  • The editing can be done with the highest precision and that’s the guarantee and confidence that the app offers. You can trim and cut videos frame by frame and also adjust the timing of audio clip with an accuracy of sub-frame.
  • You can add any number of audio clips per track and maximum of four audio tracks.
  • Add as many color filters to your video and make the video look like happening live. Usual features like brightness, contrast, and saturation are present to fine-tune the quality of videos. But the striking feature is the full-fledged color-LUT support.
  • You can easily achieve slow and fast motion effects without having any impact on the audio.
  • Along with video editing features, the app offers audio features too. You can separate the audio track from the video so that it can be edited! From adjusting the volume envelope to supporting multiple formats, this feature is now growing at a faster pace with new audio features like Dynamic compression and others getting added soon!
  • You can also add voice-over to your videos while previewing the entire project. And not just one, you can add multiple voiceover tracks!
  • Instant previewing helps get a fair idea of the final result.

Now that you know why this app is so useful, download it today from 9Apps and enjoy editing and exploring!

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