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Messenger Lite download from UpToDown Version 1.1, 4.1, 2.1,1.0 APK app is one of the official Facebook messaging client which is very much lighter in weight and is also well-known for instant messaging services opted in it. The major drawback of this app is this that it occupies very much less space than the normal version, by accumulating a very little less space than 10 megabytes. And thus this makes it lighter, which actually means it can run without any problems on older devices with previous versions of Android. Obviously, this is very much faster and data-efficient messaging app to reach the people in your life. Moreover, as this is an official one, it has basically all of the same functions just like the original chat service, allowing you to talk with your friends personally or rather in groups by sending and receiving text, images, videos, and stickers. And thus the only variation you can come across between the client and unofficial ones is none other than the Messenger Lite app which functions very well in the background and send instant notifications for messages from your friends, such as triggering vibrations or lighting up the device’s screen when there is any activity. Overall in general terms, this app attains some of the similar features like original client without occupying much of space and consuming as many resources which is what actually a Facebook applications is meant for. Nevertheless, Messenger Lite download from UpToDown Version 1.1, 4.1, 2.1,1.0 APK is quite a terrific tool to the official Facebook client. And is mainly very much useful in various countries wherein wireless connections keep fluctuating with a huge amount of data needed to run from the official client. Moreover, this app is fully compatible with a huge number of devices and even older versions of Android such as 2.3 Gingerbread wherein it can be very well used by not worrying what condition the device is based on. So to attain the access of this app on your device, gently move into the app store of 9 Apps but before that have a quick look at the below mentioned attributes.


  1. With the access of Messenger Lite app you can contact anyone on Messenger
  2. View when people are active and fully free to chat
  3. Attain the access of messaging people one-on-one or in groups to catch up or make plans
  4. Send photos, links, or express yourself with stickers
  5. Make one-on-one voice and video calls for free over Wi-Fi connection


Generally speaking, Messenger Lite download from UpToDown Version 1.1, 4.1, 2.1,1.0 APK is autonomously one of the most inspiring apps wherein you can attain the access of talking as long as you want with people in other countries without any obligations in it. So to grab the instant installation of this app on your device, simply get into the app store of 9 Apps and obtain all of the extreme benefits to the whole extent and enjoy the best of it.

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