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Pi Music Player is an incredible Music Player, lovingly made in hand with Material Design in mind. And hence when beginning the access of this app, the major thing Pi music player asks for is the selection of a theme. As notified in many other music player these days, Pi appropriates from the Google Play store design and intercedes a tab bar at the top of it. Furthermore the tabs available in this app are: Tracks, Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists, and Folders. Not only that, this app obtains a minced menu at the left hand corner of the app. And thus once processing on it, it will display you items like Smart Playlists, Ringtone Cutter, Equalizer, and Settings. Moreover, there is another feature which is known as Pi Power Share which allows you to share music with various other users across various other platforms. Nevertheless, the major highlights of Pi Music Player interface-wise is its animations opted in it. Furthermore, among various other apps, this app is considered to be a beautiful one. On the other hand, Pi represents a scroll view on top with all of the albums present in it. One more thing notified in this app is the work of album art wherein some players opt in downloading everything from online databases, the app Pi Music Player proposes information implanted into the song’s ID3 tags. Above all, the app is very quick in responding and loads everything without any delay on Android devices with the approximation of 1300 songs in it. Hence, from playing a song and jumping to the next tune by applying EQ settings, Pi app provides a very peevish experience. Overall, to grab the instant download of this app on your device, simply get into the app store of 9 Apps and assume all of its extreme benefits given below.


  1. The app is fully generated with 5-Band Equalizer with Bass Boost, 3D Reverb effects, Virtualizer and 10 amazing presets in it
  2. Ringtone Cutter to precisely cut any MP3 file
  3. Pi Power Share is opted in this app
  4. Enhancement of Folder view of all music files
  5. Sleep Timer
  6. Swipe to change songs in Play screen
  7. Edit metadata about tracks, albums, artists, genres
  8. Glossy, intuitive and wonderfully fabricated user interface and Media Controls
  9. Four major Themes such as Smooth Theme, Light Theme, Dark Theme and Black Theme
  10. Lock screen controls with Full Screen Art of Album and many more


To Summarize, Pi Music Player is a Free Ad Music Player which can be used with the local music files incurred in it and it is one of the perfect MP3 players currently applicable on the app store of 9Apps with all of the above mentioned attributes in it.

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