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 Shuttle is the music player of the choice of millions of users worldwide and it is specifically designed for your Android device. This Shuttle Player focuses to be one stop shop for anything to be done from managing and listening to music without any obligations in it. Overall, this app is mainly constructed by a music lover for all music lovers. Not only that, Shuttle Music Player is quite stylish mainly outlined for phones and tablets and it takes pride in storing up with the latest design trends and features optimized in it. Not only that, by accessing this app you can feel right at home browsing your music library with Shuttle, optimizing playlists and listening to your most favourable songs incurred in it. On the contrary, Shuttle Music Player is quite Futuristic and rich in features which fabricates Playlists, manages a queue, edits music tags, browse folders, view lyrics download artwork and many others. Nevertheless, the app is very much customizable recurring from a he number of themes, wherein you can modify your layout, or change what happens when you plug your headphones in. Above all, Shuttle never tries to reinvent the music player wheel wherein it embraces it. The app is built on the strengths of Google Play Music and includes useful beneficial attributes in it every single day. Moreover, Shuttle very well balances between simple and intuitive interface at the same particular time. On the other hand, this music player obtains everything that you actually need in a music player not only that, a little more of it. Therefore to obtain the provision of this app rightly on your, device then randomly switch on to the app store of 9 Apps and captivate all of its essential benefits given below to the full extent.


  1. This app obtains a modern material design in it
  2. It is opted with the built in of 6-band equalizer with bass boost in it
  3. A Gapless playback feature is present in this app
  4. Every Lyrics are embedded are legal reasons in it
  5. Automatic artwork downloading is opted in this app
  6. Tons of theme options with the inclusion of light and dark mode is fully featured
  7. Sleep Timer mode is present in it
  8. Exceptionally, customizable widgets are categorized in this app
  9. Scribbling of Last FM
  10. And overall this app is an Open Source one


In the long run, Shuttle Music Player is a very image-heavy app and you everything can be found of which you need in a music player. Therefore to attain the complete access of Shuttle Music Player on your Android device then rapidly get into the app store of 9Apps and grab in intensively all of its major features mentioned above to the full extent without any issues in it.

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