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Snaptube application lets you download youtube videos in a matter of seconds. You can download mp4 videos and can easily save it in your mobile. This is a complete hazardless process where you don’t need to pay anything for downloading. Snaptube is the quickest solution for downloading videos and songs. There are numerous video downloading apps present in the market but snaptube is considered the best among all those.

Some beneficial features of Snaptube app:

This app is completely safe to use. There are no illegal items attached to it that may harm your device. This means you can use this app as much as you like for downloading. You don’t have to worry for viruses while downloading snaptube app.

Snaptube app has an inbuilt quick download technology which helps the app to download as many videos in a very short time.

It can even download encrypted videos,  which is a major plus point about snaptube app.

Other than downloading videos this app can download various mp3 songs, so a person can go the person can choose from his favorite music site what to download.

Snaptube app can download videos of any resolution beginning from 144p to 1600p. This is a huge success of the app, as a person can watch the video in whatever resolution he wants.

Some disadvantages of Snaptube app:

Every app comes with some pros and cons, so Snaptube also has some. While downloading the speed sometimes fluctuates. This makes the viewer quite restless.

When downloading a video lots of advertisements pop up ruining the mood of the viewer.

Some people experienced that their android phone is not suitable for snaptube app. This makes the app limited to a few customers.

These disadvantages are there but it seems nothing in front of the lucrative features present in snaptube app.

SnapTube pacauge detail

File Size 11 MB
Type Media & Video
Require Android4.0 or later
Developer SnapTube
Downloads 50,00,000 +
Update July 30, 2018

How to download Snaptube:

You can easily download snaptube app from 9apps store. You just have to visit the store and browse the app. After getting it just press download and next the downloading process will automatically start. After the download is complete you can open the app and start downloading your favourite videos and musics.

Instructions to Use Snaptube app:

Firstly you have to open snaptube app and just have to browse your desired video.

Then after getting it you can choose the resolution in which you want the video to be downloaded.

Next click download and the downloading process will automatically start.

Once the download is finished the file directly is saved in the mobile’s sd card.

There is an option, you can change the location of the video and keep it wherever you like.

Now your video is ready, you can watch it whenever you want. This is how simple is downloading videos on snaptube app.

Snaptube app is experiencing great popularity day by day. People are like the app as they are continuously using it. Features like fast downloading technology and free cost are perhaps helping this snaptube app to gain this huge popularity.

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