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Tizen is a very popular app store which is available in 9Apps store and the users can install this app from that mini size app store so that after getting this app installed in their mobile phone, the users can download their favourite and most fun giving applications for their everyday life that are very useful and necessary for them. In this app, the users can find many exciting and interesting games, useful information, news and much more that they can read anytime and anywhere on the go and the best part of this app store is that users can enjoy each and every content available here absolutely free of cost as they are not required to pay anything to use any services provided by the developers or the team of experts of Tizen team. Basically, this app store is nothing but a very specially handpicked collection of apps, games and other multimedia content that the users can select as per their choice and preference and then browse the content in their preferred category anytime.

Features of Tizen app-

  1. In this easy to use app store, registered users can enjoy a very exciting, interesting and amazing experience of downloading and using different apps and games that they can play even in offline mode after getting installed in their device which is having Tizen.
  2. Unlike any other app store, tizen store only works and compatible with only those devices that are having Tizen operating system and the users can also only download those applications and games from it if they are using this operating system in their concerned device.
  3. One of the best part of this amazing app store is that the files available here can be easily and instantly delivered to any device using Tizen without even using the mobile data or Wi-Fi direct i.e.. In the offline mode and even search for your favourite all the most trendy apps in this app store any time as per your convenience.
  4. There are different categories of apps and games available in this app store from where the users can search for a particular app and then easily shared their favourite applications from one device to another so that their contacts and friends can also enjoy the same by installing Tizen app store in their mobile phone.
  5. By installing or upgrading to the latest version of typing app, the users can easily get rid of network restriction as almost all the apps and files available in this app store can work absolutely free of network restriction has almost all the files available here in this app store can be transferred from one device to another without the restriction of data and can run in the offline mode without connecting to internet or Wi-Fi direct.
  6. Tizen App Share which is considered as one of the most fast and smooth tool that can share the files from one device to another and even in between one operating system to other like Android to Tizen, BlackBerry to Tizen, Mac to Tizen, Ios to Tizen etc.
  7. At the time of sharing files and other multimedia content from one device to another, there is no need to connect USB and PC software installation and the best part of this app is that there is no limit or restriction from device to device.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download this amazing and one of the widely downloaded Tizen App share in your mobile phone as it has no compatibility issues with any operating system and after installing it in any of your device, you can enjoy the seamless experience sharing your favourite apps, games and many other different types and formats of files and folders from one device to another by creating an account for free. To get this app installed in your phone now, just app on the direct link of APK can download it from download 9Apps..

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