Truecaller free download for samsung galaxy (Free Apk app)

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Truecaller free downloadTrueCaller for Samsung galaxy is one of the most excellent inspiring and quite a beneficial apps which enables you to easily notify all the incoming call and very well manage the responses to calls, whether they are a known contact or an unknown contact numbers. Not only that, this app allows you to check in all of the incoming calls even if they are not present in your contacts list or address book on your device, just by finding out their names or service. Additionally, TrueCaller for Samsung galaxy  also provides you with a relevant information based on time and location of a call. And thus once on identifying the call then you may decide whether to block a number or not. Accordingly, TrueCaller will never upload your phonebook to make it public or searchable. Around 250 million people have already accessed and trusted TrueCaller app every day by notifying every unknown calls, blocking spam and spam SMS. Furthermore, this app also sort outs all the unwanted calls and allows you to stay connected with people by not worrying who they are. Moreover, TrueCaller for Samsung is a caller ID which has cropped up to the next level by providing complete access to a wide database of phone numbers incurred in your device. And yes, the app functions continuously by intergarting with your phone, so that calls are immediately captivate by the app. Thus, TrueCaller for Samsung is the only perfect app wherein you need to make your communication quite safe and effective. Subsequently, this app is fully accessible on all Android devices and can be very easily captivated and downloaded from the app store of 9 Apps to the whole extent. Above all, TrueCaller app is optimized with special variant features in it, let us have a look at them below.


  1. The world’s best Caller ID will identify any unknown caller
  2. TrueCaller blocks every spam and Telemarketing calls
  3. This app attains the access of viewing of various unknown numbers in the call history without any hassles.
  4. Message Flashing feature such as sharing location, emoji and status in a flash to your friends is very well opted in this app
  5. With the access of this app you can also get to know when are your friends free to talk
  6. Every back up of the call history, contacts and settings to Google Drive is opted in this app


Finally, TrueCaller for Samsung has a dual SIM support in it and therefore if you want to attain the acquaintance of this app on your Samsung device then gently swipe into the app store of 9Apps and grab the above mentioned benefits to the full extent once the instant download is done.

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