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UC Browser Old Version 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 is a free web browser mainly ejaculated for all Android devices. It is quite Tiny and Lightweight, this UC Browser Older Version overall is simpler and smoother and anything can be done when it mainly approaches at the browsing process. Not only that, this app is fully accessible on all major lower specifications Android devices and it obtains the capability of outshining all others with quicker loaded times and a bundle of various other unique attributes which are opted in it. Nevertheless, this browser also attains the functionality of fast download, Data Saving, Ad-Block programs featured in it and it also assists you in accessing music, video, and cricket information with smoother experience. This app may appear in a smallest packages and it has a lot to provide the Smartphone optimized with lesser storage space in it. Not only that, this app also magnifies a faster browsing access in it opted with smarter downloading and a small size figured in it as this app exactly does what it promises to do. Above all, this app is fully accessible on all Android devices to the fullest extent it is not only functional but quite pretty in its look too. And thus users can randomly crop up with options to view history, bookmarks, downloads or even enter Speed mode in it. Furthermore, UC Browser Old Version is categorized with better tab management, quick searches and data usage stats in it. And thus to acquire the instant download of this app rightly on your device gently swipe into the app store of 9 Apps and be a part of it in utilizing the enjoying its awesome browsing experience to the fullest extent without any obligations in it. But more of it, have a look at the below prescribed features of UC browser and enjoy the superb experience of browsing.


  1. UC browser Older Version is of very light weight and does not occupy much of space on your Android device
  2. The app is fully optimized with excellent navigating cards in it
  3. It also assumes the provision of quicker browsing mode in it
  4. The app is very well smart in downloading without any delay
  5. The option of Incognito mode of Browsing is present in this app
  6. A clean access of switching to night mode is categorized in this app
  7. AD-Blocker mode too is opted in this app


In brief, UC Browser Older Version obtains a greater provision of awesome browsing experience in it attaining a smallest sized package in it. And thus to attain the instant download of this app on your device move on directly into the app store of 9Apps and grab the pleasing attributes to the fullest extent without any obligations in it.

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