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UC mini is a mobile browser which is used by huge masses all across the globe due to its interesting, useful and very hard to find features that you will never be able to avail anywhere else and the best part of this mini or time is sized web browsing software is that it has many versions as it gets updated after regular intervals of time in order to fix the box as well as to improve the existing features and to add the new ones so as to make the app much more easier and hassle free to operate. The basic, original over the old version of UC mini has some super interesting and useful features due to which, it brings a great web browsing as well as net surfing experience to its registered users in such a small package. As you all know that it is a tiny sized or lightweight Browser which is specially designed and developed for those users of Android and other smartphone that has lower specs and less storage space in their concerned devices so that they can enjoy the great features of this app and enjoy the seamless experience of web browsing irrespective of the device they are using.

Key features of UC mini old version 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 

  1. UC mini is a tiny sized software that comes in a very small package but still parked with great features so as to provide a great browsing experience, net surfing experience and downloading from the most reliable sources of internet so that the users may not find any issue while using the app.
  2. The best and one of the very popular feature of this mini sized browser of UC mini is that it gives the faster and very instant browsing and netsurf experience for its users with the help of which, they can save their precious time and data usage that makes the app much more effective as well as efficient.
  3. This superb app also supports many other options such as multiple downloading with the help of which you can download multiple or several files at the same point of time, background download option with auto reconnection so that you can download any file in the background and perform other tasks over your device and whenever due to network, the download interrupts, it will restart from the breakup point.
  4. Incognito or private browsing mode is also supported in this app that has the capacity to protect your privacy and the confidential information as it never leaves any of your private information or any data to any third party and with the help of this feature, the users can browse the web in private tab so that no one can track the same and they can browse whatever they want.
  5. With the induction of night mode facility, the users can switch to it and read the content more comfortable and conveniently at night or in dark so as to avoid or prevent the straining in their eyes.
  6. The users can also enable data saving mode as it compresses the data and accelerate the speed of navigation so as to help you to not only save the data but they can browse as much they want and save a lot of their data while browsing or surfing the net.
  7. There are many other miscellaneous options available in the app that makes your web browsing experience much more easier and exciting such as, you can watch your videos by switching to the my videos option, QR code facility is also available in the app that you can avail anytime, save page, text only, full screen option, bookmark etc are another options offered here in this mini sized web browser.

So, these are some of the main or key features of the old version of UC mini 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 that you can avail after getting this tiny sized app in your concerned mobile phone or laptop for free and to do so, all you have to do is just tap on the download option to install the app from 9Apps Store from the direct link of APK and then enjoy the seamless experience of web browsing, net surfing and downloading different types of multimedia content from the trustworthy and reliable sources of Internet absolutely free of cost and saves your data as well..

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