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App Name UC Mini app
Version 10.7.8
File size 4.7MB
Developer UCWeb.com
Downloads 15,00,000

Download the most secure, fast, simple and best mini sized web browsing software which is available in the 9Apps store so the users can enjoy the most smooth and fresh web browsing, net surfing and downloading experience. UC Mini is small size browsing software available in the market but still packed with great features and offers variety of interesting and rare to find features and functions which makes it one of the leading provider of mobile internet software and services globally. In addition to this, by switching to u c Mini browsing software today millions of people are fulfilling their web browsing, net surfing and downloading needs as it has a personalized browsing experience more than 400 million users from all over the world and also encourage more third party developers so they can also create a wide array of customised features in order to bring more exciting and superb opportunities for the registered users.

Now, just have a look on the points given below to understand the main features of functions of UC Mini browser as it will help you to understand it in a better way-

  1. As you all know that UC mini comes in a small size package file and its a smaller size enable the users to load pages at a much more faster pace or speed then other browsing softwares available in the market. Also, it has a fast and very clean user interface and out plenty of customisable features which reduces the data consumption and makes it one of the most efficient application worldwide which uses less data and load the web pages up to 90% of compression so as to save the precious time as well as efforts of users.
  2. UC mini cloud system is another one of the best and unique option offered in which this browser distributes the data from the closest service and make all the process of downloading, web browsing or net surfing much more quicker and smoother than ever. In addition, in this feature you will find a view it later option which catches the web pages with the videos, images or text and other multimedia content for offline viewing i.e.. When the user is not having the internet connection.
  3. Today u c mini is a leading web browser available in the market despite of having a variety of browsing softwares available and the reason behind this is that it offers an ample of features and functions and also comes up with a simple interface that manages all the necessary and the basic features for a satisfactory browsing experience like gesture control for touch screen, tab switching, voice search and more.
  4. Managing all the downloaded files and other multimedia content with UC mini browser is a very easy task as it shows all downloadable resources from a web page in a single list so that it becomes easier and more convenient for the user to find a particular content by typing its name in the search bar and tweaked for images, videos, movies and more easily.
  5. Night mode facility is also given in UC Mini app so the users can browse the web in dark or at night by dimming the brightness of the screen with the lights off but without bothering their eyes so that it never gets strained. Depite of having a good range of features in the u c Mini, this feature makes it out of the box and very trendy as well.
  6. The registered users of u c Mini can also watch their favourite multimedia content like video, movie or any other file in a full screen because this app support full screen online video playing which is known for its speed and dependability and also uses high and compression Technology rendered by a server so as to provide the fastest and the most convenient browsing and less data usage.
  7. One of the best part of this mini size browsing software is that it comes in a very tiny size and offer more comprehensive and powerful browsing experience to its users and this is the reason why it is considered as one of the best lightweight but a powerful browsing tool you have ever used.
  8. Offline reading feature is also enabled in the app so the the users can keep the web page for later reading without worrying about the internet access and watch their favourite content anytime and anywhere without any hassle.
  9. This browser is also compatible with almost all the major operating systems and devices and never find any hurdle to download a content of particular format because it is supportive of all the formats of audio as well as video and you can download your favourite files as per your choice and interest any time in your device with this mini sized web browsing software.
  10. The registered users of this app are also allowed to keep the track of their data so they can check their savings in the settings menu and see how much data this Mini sized web browser safe for you and makes all the task much more simpler and convenient by their end.

So, these are the above mentioned points which highlights the compatibility and dependability of u c Mini and the best thing of UC mini is that it gets updated after regular intervals of time and developers always make some ameliorations in the existing features to make the app more superb and interesting for the users along with adding the new features into the app. It is also one of the secure and widely used app and today it has more than 400 million users worldwide due to its interesting com exciting and useful features and functions and if you are also looking out for a full fledged and a small size web browser for your device then we recommend you to download UC mini because you will never get an ample of opportunities and features in any other app then u c Mini. In order to get it installed in your mobile phone, desktop, laptop, tablet or any other device, all you have to do is just click on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from download 9Apps through APK for free..