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In the first place as we all know Samsung is one of the top most Android devices presently being widely used by millions of people all around. This Samsung device belongs to the South Korea’s largest company and is the Number 1 manufacturer of Smartphones in the world. On the contrary, Viber download for Samsung is going to be one of the most stupendous app. Moreover, Viber is a business voice over IP and chat application which enables users to make phone calls and send text messages to various other Viber users without any charges in them. Authentically, this app is also a full contender of Huawei and Apple, with their P series and iphone smartphones too. Nevertheless, this app is also optimized with a simple UI package in it. And thus the likings of Viber and WhatsApp have very much killed the traditional mobile SMS industry. Furthermore, quite similar to other VoIP services, Viber utilizes phone numbers as the basis of identity. And they just need not set up a separate user name and password to establish service. Therefore, to obtain and know more of this access on your Samsung device, then slowly creep into the app store of 9 Apps and attain various other extreme packages of this app given below.


  1. The actual role of this app differs from one area to the other
  2. Android OS were the first OS to obtain such features
  3. Viber app enables you to exchange text, images, and video messaging at all areas
  4. AUI, application user interface contains a tab bar on the bottom which permits the user to send messages, view the recent calls, contacts and access the keypad.
  5. This app generates your account and sets your phone number as your user name
  6. Viber Messenger functions in synchronization with the Address Book so that the user need not have to generate a separate contact list to access the Viber app.


Lastly, Viber Download Samsung is quite a comprehensive messaging application and is quite light in weight too with pleasing outlook and works well on all calls without any disturbances in it. Therefore to attain the access of this app directly on your device go in to the app store of 9Apps and enjoy utilizing this Viber App to the fullest extent without any objection in it.

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