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Download the best and most popular vocabulary builder in your mobile phone in order to improve your vocabulary and learn speaking in English and even quiz yourself on a daily basis with more than 1000 important in very useful words that helps you to not only improve your ameliorate your vocab but also prepare for various competitive exams as well. This software is specially designed and developed to practice and improve the vocabulary anytime and anywhere on the go in a very simple and fun way. This app, you can practice your vocab, give tests, and even play free vocabulary game directly in your android device to improve your vocabulary and learn new words that you can use in your daily life on a daily basis. Apart from this, you can also find different other amazing and very useful options and features in this app you will not find in any other vocabulary builder software and this is the major reason why today it has more than 5 million registered users worldwide who are learning english and improving their vocab through this app as it is available absolutely free of cost in the 9Apps install.

● Features of vocabulary builder-

  1. By downloading the latest version of vocabulary builder, the registered users can learn more than 1000 important and useful vocab words directly in the app so as to improve or ameliorate their vocab skills.
  2. In this app, there are different sections of basic, intermediate and advanced vocabulary so that you can choose your preferred section and start learning from the point that suits you the most.
  3. In order to learn and improve your skills, you can even read and learn definitions and examples sentences that are available for every word to make you understand the meaning and usage of the same.
  4. The registered users of this amazing app of vocabulary builder are even allowed to beat the levels in order to unlock new words and learn more and more. Not only this, they can even track their progress as they study and learn the exercises available in the app so that they will be able to understand how much they have learned and grabbed through this app.
  5. Apart from the above mentioned points, the users can also enjoy free access to different vocab quizzes including GRE, SAT and many more for which, they are not required to even pay a single penny.

● Why download vocabulary builder-

There are many other similar vocabulary building softwares available in the 9apps store but this vocabulary builder is used by more than 5 million registered users due to its amazing and where to find features and functions such as audio pronunciation for each and every word, sample sentences, examples and much more that they may not finding any other similar app and it also gets updated after regular intervals of time which makes it much more convenient for the users to use by making the improvement in the existing features along with the addition of new ones.
So, if you are also looking now to download such kind of software like vocabulary builder to improve your vocab and learn new words that you can use on a daily basis then just install it by typing on the APK link and install it directly from download 9Apps..

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