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WowBox is an app of lifestyle which brings in a new way of obtaining the experience of the internet. This app is mainly been initiated for Grameenphone customers as of today who would like to expand lifestyle chances in the most convenient way possible in order to access to several other lifestyle promotions and discounts from various popular outlets and so on.  This app is currently fully accessible on the Android platform and is optimistically free to download and absolutely free to operate too. Identically, this app is made only for Telenor Mayanma, Telenor Pakistan and Grameenphone customers and no data charges are being utilized while browsing and loading content in WowBox. Specifically, user need to just install the app on their smartphones mainly inorder to earn free of data and obtain great deals and rewards through it. Principally, this app never accumulates any of the data from the user’s data plan or account balance as such it is zero rated for Grameenphone and preferably selected partners involved in it pertaining as long as the users stay connected within the WowBox App. Furthermore, GP users will obtain a reward of 20 MB free data pack every day that is up to 1GB in total from this WoW Box app to the full extent. Moreover, this app also renders a huge range of lifestyle advantage to users every day and in their local language as per their requirement. Not only that, through the acquisition of this app you can even stay up to date, and attain full entertainment and have fun with every news updates and so on. Thus if you want to know more of this app and acquire the instant download on your device, then rightly check in the website of 9Apps and enjoy the best of it without any issues in it.


  1. Wow Box grants a extreme benefits to all its users like daily articles, discounts at popular hotels, restaurants, cafes, concert/movie tracks, contests and many others.
  2. With the access of this app users can very easily buy all of data packages, SMS packages or several other available products which will make them earn tokens.
  3. Every Grameenphone users can also visit the Facebook page to stay connected with the latest updates cropping up.
  4. Data can be easily purchased through the access of this app and thus with every purchase this app rewards you pints which can be accumulated for the next purchase incurred in it.


In the Long run, Wow Box App keeps you fully entertained and attain fun with its daily news updates, lifestyle tips, games, sport and jokes. And thus the more you engage with this app, the more you earn, therefore rapidly get the instant download of this app on your Android device from the website of 9Apps and attain all of its unique benefits mentioned above.

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