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x ray app

x ray app

X-Rays makes up X-radiation a form of electromagnetic radiation in it. It is a kind of radiation actually known as electro magentic waves. Several of other X-Rays obtain a wavelength differing from 0.001 to 10 manometres. Accordingly, X-Ray Scanner app is a fun filled type of Scanning apps. This X-Ray imaging fabricates pictures of the inside of your body. Not only that, images display the parts of your body in various shades of black and white. The latest version of this X-Ray Scanner can be very easily found in the app store of 9App and is being downloaded more than 10,000+ users worldwide every week without any obstacles in it. With the access of this app you can scan every minute part of your body. It is an app wherein you can fool your friends and make them think that you attain a really built in x-ray scanner on your phone camera. Overall, it is a tricky simulator to view what people under their clothes. Not only that, it is totally a fun filled app wherein you can enjoy the best of it to the full extent without any limits in it. Above all it is one of the easiest methods of refreshing the vision of the cloth and accumulating the app without any hassles from the extent of 9 Apps store which is absolutely free of cost. Nevertheless, let us have a look at some of the extreme benefits of this app given below.


  1. X-Ray Scanner is of quite a smaller size of about 4.1 M and it never acquires any huge amount of space on your Android device.
  2. Very easy and simple to utilize without any issues in it
  3. X-Ray Scanner app is an entertaining fun filled app
  4. It is a genuine simulator free application
  5. Every little part of the body can be very easily scanned through the access of this X-ray scanner app
  6. Never occupies any extra space in your RAM of your device
  7. Scanning from the photo gallery on to the direct camera with a quick scanning process is easy to be done


Above all, X-Ray Scanner is a very authentic amusement filled app wherein you can fool your friends by attaining the installation of this app on your device by clicking on the download link of APK file of 9Apps and enjoy a massive sharing experience with your friends to the full extent without any limitations in it and even without paying a single amount.

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