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Xender is one of the fastest file transferring apps available for devices based on Android, IOS, Windows platforms. It minimizes the hassle of transferring any file to the devices without the use of any cable, wifi or cellular data. How wonderful it is that an application is capable of transferring files to any sort of medium without any connection needed at all. The Xender app is a much better solution for transferring files with being 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Not only this, Xender files can be shared between four devices simultaneously. Its robust procedure provides high precision. It creates a Wi-Fi hotspot on one device and a direct link between the devices without using internet connection and thus no data usage is incurred.

Apart from its very powerful mobile file transfer features, Xender apps download on mobile9 free Apk app 2019 also provides a very smooth PC connection function in which file transfer to PC can be done with utmost ease. There comes no need for you to install any software on their PC. Just by using the browser, you can connect your phone to a PC, transfer files both ways and manage your phone from the PC. Sure enough this feature works for Mac as well, which is something not many apps offer at all!

Another positive point of Xender is that you can transfer files in any format with no size limit at all, ideal for sharing your long videos or even entire disks.

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Magnificent features:

Ø  It transfers file with flash speed. Imagine uploading your entire party video in seconds. The highest speed can reach 40Mb per second.

Ø  It transfers all types of files and supports all type of file attachments documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps.

Ø  It needs no wires at all and no data usage too. You can transfer files to anybody, anywhere and anytime.

Ø  It has no limit on sharing size of the file. That means you can share photos, videos, music, documents and all other file types of unlimited file size.

Ø  It supports cross platform transferring by simplifying connections of phones, tablets, PC/Mac and shares any files between Android, IOS and Windows operation systems.

Ø  It is also smart in phone replication. It switches mobile data like contacts, SMS, pictures, music, videos, games and any other files from your old phone to the new one in only one simple step.

Ø  It manages your files and helps to make a backup copy whenever you need to clean the phone storage.

Ø  It introduces applications from your friend’s phone and shares by one click.

Ø  It supports vast range of languages like English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, German, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese.

 Xender apps download on mobile9 free Apk app 2019 is the best sharing app fulfilling all your sharing needs.

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