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Yandex Browser is one of the newest browser mainly optimized on Chromium from Russian search giant Yandex. This browser is quite modish and secure with voice search and data compression incurred in it. This app provides the same clean simplicity as Google’s Chrome with a few differences opted in it. With the access of this app users can very easily view stories, news and videos without any issues in it. Furthermore, the similarities to Chrome as much more obvious than the differences figured out in them and it attains the same combined search and address bar, and the general layout prescribed in it. Subsequently, obtain the download of this fastest browser which is quite speedy and secured and is totally an optimistic one. Not only that, Yandex Browser also obtains in it certain wonderful content recommendations such as Interesting articles, news and videos in your personalized Zen feed, right on the browser’s start screen. Nevertheless, the Turbo Mode with slower connections will never let you down when the internet interruptions prevails in between. On the contrary, Turbo mode in this app is enabled to speed up the loading of the pages and save on your data charges opted in it. On the other hand, Yandex Browser is quite quick and easy to access, but there are certain reasons to be considered over Chrome or other Chromium based browsers unless you use Yandex’s search and email services are utilized to the full extent. Thus to attain and utilizes complete access of this app rightly on your browser without any issues then go in to the app store of 9 Apps and grab the immediate download without any disturbances in it.


1. With this browser you can fully obtain the source from the internet based on your interests and presented as a feed with Zen

2. Minimize the data usage and speed up the loading of webpages and images even when the internet connection is declining with the browser’s automatic Turb mode

3. Avoid disturbing Ads: Users can get rid of various ads interrupting in between while browsing the webpages

4. Secure your personal data: When accumulating public wifi networks you can secure your data from various viruses arriving in between

5. Hide unrelated interface elements

6. Surf the web in private utilizing incognito mode

7. Modify your Yandex Browser with a huge array of backgrounds in the wallpaper

8. Access your favourite websites and bookmarks on any of your devices


Above all, Yandex Browser is a solid browser which appears to be quite modern and is very easy to operate. Therefore to attain the complete provision of this app on your device and browse the websites without any delay, then grab this speedy browser installation from the app store of 9Apps and enjoy the extreme advantages mentioned above.

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