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Zalo APK is one of the most astonishing communication new market messaging apps. Accordingly, Zalo Android is the attribute and trademark from Zalo Group. Additionally, Zalo is a Vietnam’s Flagship Mobile Messaging App and it is one of major updates to its mobile devices such as Android, iOS and Symbian and it has been exploding even on the media networks like Facebook and Zing Me with marketing. And thus its major updating has made the app notably faster and has included a VIP microblogging feature, fixed a bunch of bugs that were making the app unstable, and finally included a Retina app icon. On the other hand, Zalo is a mixture of Zing and Alo like Vietnamese for hello on the phone. Actually, the original name for Zalo was going to me Zing Talk, but later on it was just ignored. Moreover, in other words, you can actually say that Zalo is the new face of VNG. Correspondingly, Zali is a free accessible program mainly applicable on all Android devices and is been included in the part of Social and Communication. Furthermore, it is an actual software mostly downloaded in countries such as China and Australia. And currently as of now, this app has acquired the downloading of about 164. Not only that, this app is available for used those who are accessing the operating system of Android 4.3 and above version and you can very easily obtain this app in English language itself without any difficulty. And nevertheless, Zalo APk has obtained over 500,000 users worldwide. Thus to know more of this app and attain complete access of it on your device, then move in rightly into the app store of 9 Apps and captivate all of its extreme benefits given below to the full extent.


  1. With the access of this app you can obtain notifications after messaging your friend in a snap
  2. You can express your emotion with complete fun and cheerful emoticons and stickers in it
  3. Send voice messages with fantastic quality and no outside noises
  4. Hunt and get acquainted with friends nearby
  5. Send group messages easily with no effort in it
  6. Integration with social networks such as Facebook and Google+
  7. This app acquires a higher level of privacy in it


Finally, Zalo Apk is quite a supreme app which can easily downloaded on iOS, Android and Symbian without any issues in it. And thus to obtain a quick installation on your device, go in directly to the app store of 9Apps and grab all of its richest feature prescribed above.

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